Monday, 25 June 2018

Welcome back Kathy Greenleaf

Its welcome back Wednesday! We have so many people returning to Elephantstay to bond with their elephant, we thought it should have a special day we can all look forward to! Today its welcome back to Kathy Greenleaf. This is Kathy's sixth visit!! As Kathy says "Elephantstay is not just about "riding elephants". There is much work to be done on a daily basis. Cleaning up their poo, showering the ele's to exfoliate and check skin integrity, preparing daily supplements, hauling pineapple plants and let's not forget the walks which provide exercise as well as socialization and time to eat grass and play in the river. Truly a life changing experience! Everytime I learn more about the culture and living in Thailand that is very important to me" Thanks for looking after Rosukon again Kathy!

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St. Stephens International School

Yesterday we gave a talk about elephants to the kids at St Stephens International School. It was a lot of fun as the kids were were so enthusiastic and excited about elephants. They worked hard to give us a generous donation and support all the work the foundation does. Thank you St. Stephens! 

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Congratulations to Eleanor Morley

Congratulations to Eleanor Morley for being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a bronze member! 
"My sixth visit to Elephantstay and I was able to re-establish my friendship with the delightful Ms. H. This is the third time I have had the privilege and pleasure of spending a week with Honey.
You are always made to feel completely at home by Ewa and Michelle and made to feel part of the Elephantstay family.
You are able to interact closely with your elephant - feed, water, clean and ride, along with overall care as well as learning Thai history and culture of its people and their relationship with elephants, where the staff show complete dedication to the welfare of these magnificent creatures.
Your stay here is always very comfortable and your needs well looked after, and, the food is sensational!
Having stayed here many times myself, it will only take one visit and you know you will return!
My thanks and gratitude to all involved in my week at Elephantstay".

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Welcome back to Adam Porter

Welcome back to Adam Porter. Adam came last year with Jenny's Elephant Encounters group, loved it and had so much fun he came back again . And of course he wanted to spend more time with Yitor. Adam is already planning to return again next year!

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Welcome back to Howard!

"My third visit to Elephantstay and had a wonderful day. My daughter Milly's first visit. She loved it as much as I. Was great to see Jumpee looking so well. Unfortunately, Ewa and Michelle weren't at home during our visit, but Lexi took fantastic care of us and made sure we both had a very fun and memorable day" Thank you for looking after Jumpee again and see you next time! 

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Our Friend Pablo and his photos

Pablo visits us every year and he shares a lot of wonderful photos with us. Here his latest photos of our babies having fun.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Welcom back to Signe!

Welcome back to Signe! Signe coming again was very special! "The last time I was at Elephantstay, I was 11 years old. Since I was 11 I have had a dream to come back. Come back to Sinuwan, the other beautiful elephants and the wonderful dedicated people working at Elephantstay. Thank you for having me again" Hopefully it wont be 9 years till we see you again! Thank you for remembering and caring for Sinuwan again.

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Visakha Bucha Day

Tuesday May 29 was Visakha Bucha Day. One of the most important Buddhist holidays. Monks came and brought a big truckload of pineapples for the elephants. Many people made merit. You can see them all holding pineapples for the elephants while they prayed. #makingmerit#spiritualbeliefs

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