Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Thank You Bayer!

Elephantstay say a huge THANK YOU to Bayer for extending their support and their generous donation of Advocate and Catasol! Here they are with Plai Chi Wit Dee who they have sponsored. They even had a hug from the ele's to say thank you!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Justice For Plai Klow

Here you can see the culprits Narongdej Srijamdee (left) and Manot Dokmaikeaw (right) demonstrating their brutal act

  Pi Paan identifying Plai Klow's tusks at a press conference

Photos from the day the culprits demonstrated their evil crime

Great News!

Two of the criminals who poisoned our Plai Klow have been caught and his tusks recovered! It doesn't bring him back but at least we will have justice done. Thank you to all the authorities who worked so hard to find these evil men.

RIP Plai Klow

We are all devastated by last nights events. A despicable stranger or strangers poisoned our 50 year old bull Plai Klow and sawn off his tusks. It is being treated with the utmost seriousness as a vicious heinous crime. An autopsy has been performed. The police, forensic unit, CSI, Vets, army and media have all rallied to help our family catch the perpetrators of this vile act. REST IN PEACE Plai Klow you were loved and honoured. Please keep your comments respectful and sensitive as we are all mourning a precious life, Thank you.

Stripe The Rabbit

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Stripe the rabbit. She has been Boonluas companion for some years. Boonlua and Curly Wurly Brian (the guinea pig) will miss her terribly. Stripe past away yesterday afternoon. Rest in peace Stripe you were a loving friend to Boonlua and will be missed by all. 

Trip Advisor Certificate

Thanks for sending our Certificate of Excellence Trip Advisor (but not sure why you sent it in Thai)

Volunteer Update

Elephantstay welcomes new volunteer Lindsay! Lindsay will be volunteering with us for the next 4 weeks as a Program Operations Officer. We and the elephants are really looking forward to Lindsay's contribution to the elephant village!

Volunteer Update

Meet our newest volunteer, Leah Unwin. Leah first came to the Kraal as an Elephantstayer and loved it so much she is back as a volunteer for 12 weeks as the Program Development Officer, helping Ewa in the office. Jumbo welcome back Leah!