Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Back Home again

Its great to be back home and having cleaned up and got organized after 3 weeks of being out because of the floods. Today we were able to accommodate all of our elephantstayers with 11 elephants! Thanks to Elephant Encounters, who were able to change their dates and help us celebrate being home and help care for our elephants!

Congratulations to Jenny

Congratulations to Jenny the founder of Elephant Encounters for her 19th visit! "I keep coming back because I love it here. I love the work you are doing. I love the expertise and seeing the young kids learning from their fathers. I love the elephant culture and the 5000 years of history. The shared history of people and mahouts is so important to learn about and understand and here it is encouraged to give elephants a sustainable future" Jenny has a beautiful bond with Rumruay that she deepens on every visit! 

Welcome back to Sharon

Welcome back to Sharon! Sharon came 10 years ago and the last thing she said when she was getting in the car to leave was I will be back. Her advice is don't leave it for 10 years! Sharon cared for Pisamy the first time who has since passed, but she is loving caring for Rasamee.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Welcome to Lexi our newest staff team member

Jumbo welcome to Lexi Zamrzla! We are excited to introduce Lexi, our newest staff team member. Having worked with Elephants in Zimbabwe and the USA, Lexi is passionate about elephant conservation and sharing that with others so she is looking forward to meeting you all! Looks like Soi already likes her!