Thursday, 24 March 2016

13th March, Thai National Elephant Day

March 13 was Thai National Elephant Day and we had a big celebration and feast for the elephants.
Many people attended our feast and had a wonderful day with the elephants! Good to see that people care and can live with elephants.

March 22, St. Stephen International School in Bangkok

Great morning at St. Stephen's International School in Bangkok where we gave a talk to 65 5 and 6 year old children about Elephantstay and hgow awesome Elephants are. The kids had some great questions and written some lovely poems about Elephants. They also had a fundraiser and donated 30,000 Baht to Elephantstay. Thanks to all who made that happen!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Honey in the Spotlight!

Kelly Frost about Honey:

A day in the life with my Honeygirl....

Honey likes a nice clean spot 2 sleep in. (and you know what they say, a good nites sleep makes everything better the next day, and my corner of toast with a little jam on starts her day nicely!)

Her Banana plants are best 2B BIG but also very green (with a hint of red on) When eating her pineapple plants she'll fold them in from her right and tear off any dry bits, the roots will always be 2 her left - hence her being right handed. She'll dust them off by bashing them against the rails, trees, or her leg, 2 remove the dirt.

When offering Honey some water - by hose - she can be cheeky and try and pinch it from you but just hold firm. Some mornings she may not want any but the afternoon she enjoys being squirted down with it!

She is a very kind and gentle girlie - but needs a bit of discipline.

When riding Honey she'll rock and roll (looking 4 more food) but clench those heels in and constantly tap her ears, remember 2 speak 2 her saying her commands over and over....

Her personality is a big as she is....

In the scrubbing station she won't tolerate 2 many people washing her face, so 1 at a time (I also took a brush in 2 the river daily 2 give her an extra wash up )

My favourite time with Honey is in the water, and the rewarding her 4 being a good girl afterwards, she loves a pineapple (so when looking 4 those fresh green big pineapple plants I forage 4 a lucky pineapple or 2 or 3 haha! She does have a sweet tooth) Am really soft with her as found a when buying her treats she's partial 2 a peanut, and I shell some of them 4 her she really smiles at me showing me it on her tongue (not 2 mention dribbling haha) - then I hide some in her hay just 2 keep her happy....

After a full day of loving this gorgeous girl with lots of love and kisses you get 2 lead her back 2 bed by holding her ear and remember her commands so she does as she's told and doesn't get in2 trouble XxX

Kelly loves ya Honey