Monday, 25 June 2018

Welcome back Kathy Greenleaf

Its welcome back Wednesday! We have so many people returning to Elephantstay to bond with their elephant, we thought it should have a special day we can all look forward to! Today its welcome back to Kathy Greenleaf. This is Kathy's sixth visit!! As Kathy says "Elephantstay is not just about "riding elephants". There is much work to be done on a daily basis. Cleaning up their poo, showering the ele's to exfoliate and check skin integrity, preparing daily supplements, hauling pineapple plants and let's not forget the walks which provide exercise as well as socialization and time to eat grass and play in the river. Truly a life changing experience! Everytime I learn more about the culture and living in Thailand that is very important to me" Thanks for looking after Rosukon again Kathy!

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