Monday, 11 January 2016

This week Jintara in the spotlight

Let  me introduce our most recent addition to the Elephantstay herd....Jintara.

Jintara (which means "most beautiful girl") is the newest addition to elephantstay, she has been in our program for some 6 months now and is settling in well. 
One of her most defining features is her beautiful big grey-blue eyes that she flashes at our guests to try and encourage some extra treats (which usually works). 
She is also the youngest member of our group of elephants and one of the smallest elephants in our program, being dwarfed by Rosukon when she stands beside her. This however doesn't stop her from making a big presence and she has a lot of personality, love and affection that she shares with our guests every day. 

Be sure to follow more on Jintara this week!

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