Friday, 14 November 2014

RIP Boonlua

8 November 2014: Today has been bittersweet. Rejoicing because we have a beautiful new baby elephant but crying as we say goodbye to our precious and much loved Boonlua. Boonlua was a fighter. His legs and one arm were ripped apart in a vicious dog attack, yet he struggled to live on, dragging himself to a temple were he found help. He came to the Royal Elephant Kraal in 2005. Michelle took over his care after the flood of 2006. He thrived despite his disability. Michelle designed a custom made cage for him. Although we spent time with him, as we got busy we felt he needed a companion. We gave him rabbits and a guinea pig over the years he was with us. He loved having them with him and would groom them often. Boonlua's story went worldwide on the internet.He was featured in a New York times best seller "Unlikely Loves" stories about inter species relationships. Recently Boonlua was even featured in a TED talk. Boonlua loved our Elephantstay guests. He would allow them to scratch his back. He would even hold their fingers in his little hand. But if you pulled away he would tighten his grip, to let you know he was not finished with you. One of his most endearing traits. Boonlua lived a happy, fulfilled and content life.
Boonlua you gave so much to so many people. May you be at peace. You will always be remembered and live in our hearts. We love you Boonlua.

Michelle and Ewa placed a beautiful Frangipani plant on Boonlua's resting place. RIP Boonlua.

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