Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Rob Prugue story

Want to use this platform to formally apologize to Michelle, Ewa, Lexie, and everyone at Elephantstay. Today I allowed myself to get triggered by some tourist’s who walked into Elephantstay with an already closed mind about elephant rights. While I admittedly knew that I should let Lexie answer these bigot’s questions (true definition, intolerance of other views), I can’t stands no more (as per Popeye would say) and tore in.
I asked these western opinionated tourists if they had a cat or dog, and if so, is their home the animals natural habitat? “Ah, but they’re domesticated”, they foolishly responded. Well elephants have been domesticated for near 5,000 years; which is WAY longer than dogs.
They got annoyed, I guess for being challenged to a view contrary to their own. This is where my Latino temper kicked in. I said how dare they come to a different culture and impose their morals on a cutler older than theirs?!? Just because they eat Dim Sums on a Sunday at their local doesn’t mean they “understand” the eastern culture. But honestly, my getting emotionally angry was more a reflection of my bond with Jumpee. I felt their criticism, however intended, was one directed at my new BFF, Jumpee.
I guess it comes down to a simple question; do you think humans and animals can cohabitate? If no, then their questions were more for discourse than they were for seeking some sort of awareness. If yes, then spending even half a day at Elephantstay would show them just how much people DO care.
So while I will always have Jumpee’s back, I am sincere when I say I’m sorry to you all. I hope my temper didn’t cause anyone any shame nor harm.

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