Monday, 4 April 2016

Rumruay in the spotlight!

Karen Miller about Rumruay:

Rumruay, is the elephant of my heart. I first came to Elephantstay for a week in February 2015 and was assigned RumRuay.  When I looked into her kind and wise brown eyes and stroked her beautiful trunk, I fell in love!  I know everyone thinks this about their elephant, but RumRuay is truly the most beautiful, smartest, sweetest elephant in the whole world!  It was (and still is) thrilling when she reaches her trunk out to me in recognition and greeting.  She likes to take food directly from your hand instead of you putting it in her mouth and she is so delicate and well mannered. She is a joy to ride and will put her trunk up and back to me so I can caress the tip.  It is like a special little hello, like she is saying "it is nice to have you on board."

After I left Elephantstay, I was still traveling around South East Asia.  I was really missing being with Rumruay.  I had gotten so used to having my day centered around caring for her and catering to her every treat desire.  I also missed my human friends at Elephantstay,  So, I went back for another week at the end of March.  I think I managed to stay away a whole 5 weeks!  That is a long time when you are missing your elephant!  Rumruay remembered me and was happy to see me! She is even more affectionate this time and I just love being around her.  She is very funny.  When I bring her a little basket of cucumbers, after the basket is empty, she wants to stick her trunk in the little basket to sniff around and make absolutely sure that there is not a stray bit of treat remaining in the basket!

I have gotten better at balancing and standing up on her back in the river.  She and the mahout think it is hilarious when she squirts me with her trunk!  I also think it is hilarious, and refreshing, and it is so fun to be part of a joke with your elephant and the mahout!  I feel that I not just along for the ride, but am part of a happy trio!  In fact, I always feel fully included at Elephant Stay.  It is truly a privilage to be part of the caring for and loving of the wonderful elephants.

I will be back at Elephantstay as soon as I am able to work it into my schedule.  And I will always arrange it so I can be with Rumruay.  I never thought I would actually have a relationship with an elephant, but now I do and it is a joyous and special thing.  I am so happy I found Elephantstay and that I can truly be with my elephant and all of the other elephants and have an unbelievably wonderful time being part of a place that is so dedicated to loving and caring for these magnificent animals.

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